Friday, September 9, 2011


It is something I see no matter where I go – whether it is shopping in the markets or strolling on the beaches - in this little world I know as Costa Rica.

I know why I smile when I am here. Being here, surrounded by the natural beauty that only a handful of places on the planet can offer, it truly is an escape from my everyday life. But, the people that live here are in this paradise all the time. Surely, when paradise is your reality, it can’t be the same, can it?

As I was sitting in my villa at Vista Ocotal one evening, I decided to do some research on this thesis. As it turns out, my analysis was a bit off. There has actually been reputable, country-by-country research of, among other things, the happiness of populations, and Costa Rica (and its people) ranked in the top spot in 2009 as the happiest country in the world..

Among the many reasons they are the gold standard is due to an average life expectancy of nearly 79 years and 85 percent of the country's residents saying they are happy and satisfied with their lives. Cynics would say it is because Costa Ricans don’t know what they are missing in a more developed setting. But, as someone that does know what they are missing, I can definitely say that when you are here, the amenities that it does have more than make up for it.

The happiness I feel when I am here is one of the main reasons I chose Costa Rica over every other locale in the world to have a residence in, and why I have helped dozens of people make Costa Rica their second home. It is the perfect way to get your smile back.

Until next time,