Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Action Shot!

Two Coco Bay Tennis Club athletes. It was a fun tournament!

Women in Tournament

And here they are.... the women athletes that played in the tournament. It is a great group!

Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are complete and full! With the tennis tournament and the club members these courts have players on them in the mornings and evenings. It's fun to have the action on the courts!

Condo View

This photo was taken from the kitchen of a condo in building B. It was a beautiful morning.

Green View

This picture was taken on a clear day at Coco Bay from the terrace of a villa currently being built. This particular view is off to the right of the terrace, if you were to look left you can also see the sunset views of Ocotal. The dry season has begun and the skies are so blue.
What is not easy to see is that the air is a gentle 85 degrees with a light wind. It's beautiful!