Monday, June 21, 2010

Villa Santa Luz- Beautiful!

The first home to be built in Coco Bay is within weeks of final completion. All this beauty needs is furniture & water in the pool and let the rentals begin! The maiden launch is anticipated in the next few weeks. The next time you're at Coco Bay make sure to visit this beautiful home with the spectacular ocean view.

Villa Santa Luz Cocina- (Kitchen)

This is the beautiful industrial kitchen at Villa Santa Luz. What you can't see is out the windows (and there are many) is the spectacular ocean view. Notice the 2 refrigerators... this villa is set up as an efficient operation.

Villa Santa Luz- Balcony View

View from one of the 7 bedroom balconies at Villa Santa Luz-

Fitness & Tennis Center Progression!

Concrete walls are being erected and the building is coming along nicely. We can't wait to play a great game of tennis, jump in the pool and then eat at the restaurant, right here in Coco Bay!

Fitness & Tennis Club Goes Vertical

There is a great deal of activity around the Fitness & Tennis Club, they have poured the foundation and the 9,000 square foot structure is taking shape- very exciting!