Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Windstar Boat

This beauty took off from the beach at Playas del Coco today. Its beautiful sails open in the tropical breezes. Costa Rica is gorgeous!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another View of the Club & Pool

Pool, Tennis & Fitness Club

This amazing beauty is nearing completion and we're all anxious to get in a workout in the new gym, have yoga at the outdoor pavillion and swim in the tropical pool!

Beach Club Progress

Here's a picture of the progress at the beach club. Notice the open air ambiance to allow for ocean breezes and sunsets.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Pool!

Alas- the pool has water!! Come enjoy this 37 meter beauty with us-

Tennis & Fitness Center

New Fitness Center is Coming along- can't wait to pump iron, eat and play at this awesome club!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tropical Pool Progress

The tile is almost complete on the tropical pool and now the work is advancing on the slide and water fall. The palapa is taking shape where you can sit at the bar and enjoy shade and drinks.

Fitness Center

Front view of the fitness center- looking good!

Fitness Center- Back Side

This picture shows the rock wall going in on the back side of the fitness center. This rock wall will overlook the deck and the pool.

Swim Up Bar

Here's the swim up bar- Many Imperials will be enjoyed here!

Coco Bay Beach Club

Here's a front shot of the beach club. The progress is exciting!

Beach Club Progress

Here's a new shot of the beach club in Ocotal- It now has walls and the pool design is completely poured. Tile to come soon. Here's a picture from the back of the club.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Villa Santa Luz

Villa Santa Luz is complete and is ready for vacation rentals. Here is a YouTube video link that you can check out to see a short video of the property. It's beautiful.

Fitness & Tennis Center

Progress continues on the Coco Bay Fitness & Tennis Club. They began the roof this week and it's exciting to watch the building take shape.

Tropical Pool at Coco Bay

The large, tropical pool at Coco Bay is coming along nicely. Tile work should be completed soon and this area will be a place to enjoy many afternoons in the sun with Coco Bay friends.

Another view of the pool

Beach Club Progress

The Coco Bay beach club is coming along nicely. Here's a picture of the pool with the deck being built in front of it. The CBE beach club is located in Ocotal Beach right next to Father Rooster restaurant. There will be many beautiful sunsets to catch from this location.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fitness Center & Tropical Pool

This picture shows the back side of the fitness center with the pool. The concrete deck will be poured shortly and the fitness center will be ready for work outs. Come down for the holidays and enjoy the amenities. We'd love to see you!

Big Pool

Coco Bay's tropical pool is nearing completion. We anticipate tile to arrive next week and can't wait to start the outside bar-b-que's and pig roasts- It will be ready in time for high season.

Fitness Center Coming Along

Here's a recent photo of the fitness center. Despite the rain the progress has been moving forward. We expect to put the roof on next week-

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Walls Around Buildings

As many of you have seen on your most recent visits, there are new walls around Segovia. These hand crafted walls are made from stone unique to Guanacaste. They are beautiful.

Beautiful Guardrail on road to Segovia

Here's a picture of the new guardrail installed in Segovia. Notice how the colors blend with the surroundings. The rock posts are taken directly from the property.

Guardrails to Segovia

New guardrail has been installed up the road to Segovia and into the condominium development. It's not only pretty, it's strong and provides for a very safe drive up to the units.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Villa Santa Luz- Beautiful!

The first home to be built in Coco Bay is within weeks of final completion. All this beauty needs is furniture & water in the pool and let the rentals begin! The maiden launch is anticipated in the next few weeks. The next time you're at Coco Bay make sure to visit this beautiful home with the spectacular ocean view.

Villa Santa Luz Cocina- (Kitchen)

This is the beautiful industrial kitchen at Villa Santa Luz. What you can't see is out the windows (and there are many) is the spectacular ocean view. Notice the 2 refrigerators... this villa is set up as an efficient operation.

Villa Santa Luz- Balcony View

View from one of the 7 bedroom balconies at Villa Santa Luz-

Fitness & Tennis Center Progression!

Concrete walls are being erected and the building is coming along nicely. We can't wait to play a great game of tennis, jump in the pool and then eat at the restaurant, right here in Coco Bay!

Fitness & Tennis Club Goes Vertical

There is a great deal of activity around the Fitness & Tennis Club, they have poured the foundation and the 9,000 square foot structure is taking shape- very exciting!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Green Everywhere!

In the last week we've received the much needed rain and the green is everywhere. Here's a nice picture of the entryway, it's amazing how fast everything changes with a little water.

Sales Office at Coco Bay

Mature foliage as the rains have begun!


Beautiful flowers on the property-

Coco Aquifer Document

The attached document is what was recieved in the last Coco Water meeting. Enjoy!

Coco Aquifer

Attached are pipes running through Coco showing progress on the Coco Water project. The continued progress is a positive sign towards completion

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Coco Bay Beach Club

Here is a rendering of the Coco Bay Beach Club located next to Father Rooster's in Ocotal. The afternoon swims will be wonderful and the sunsets amazing. This is a view of the inside of the club looking out towards the ocean.

Coco Bay Beach Club

This is a view of the outside of the beach club looking at it while standing on the ocean. Plenty of outdoor space to enjoy the pool, beach, dining and open air atmosphere.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Building E

Building E is almost finished! The outside walls, cana brava, lights and stucco are all progressing. Scheduled date for completion is May 5th. Looking Good!

Kitchen & Cabinents

Kitchen cabinents, appliances, sinks and faucets all being installed. Counter tops are next and we'll make sure to post more pictures.

Doors & Windows

The doors, door jams & windows are all being installed.

Coco Bay Villa

The LaCaze Villa in Coco Bay is coming along nicely. Here is a picture of the breathtaking view off the balcony towards the beach in Playas del Coco. This spectacular 7 bedroom villa is scheduled to be available for rentals in second quarter. Anyone that is interested in renting a luxury villa for vacation should contact Mike LaCaze at

Ocotal Views

The views from this lot are wonderful. Looking out to the left are views of sunsets and Ocotal Beach and to the right is the beach in Coco.

Full View of House

In this picture you can see the outside of the house is just about complete. The inside tile, lights, bathrooms, etc are almost finished. Next comes doors, windows and landscaping- very exciting!